I know more about being an alias than being a mother.

I’m in my late thirties.  I work full-time.  I mother full-time.  I wife full-time.  I friend full-time.  Whatever I’ve got left after all that goes here.

I started this blog to chronicle my pregnancy, which I did faithfully right up to the birth in November 2007.  Now I don’t really write about the baby all that often, actually, but you bet your boots she’s damn awesome.  My second child was born in February 2010, and although I don’t write about that baby much, either, he is also boot-betting damn awesome.

I write about nothing.  I write about everything.  There are better blogs out there.  There are worse blogs out there.  This is not my business.  This is not my job.  This is not my therapy.  This is not my contribution to the world literary canon.  This is my hobby.

Any questions?

Really?  Okay.

I like hiking, small towns, good shoes on clearance, football, kids that are just a little bit naughty, black coffee, Sandra Bullock, and dirty vodka martinis with extra olives. I dislike sprawl, Stepford children, baseball, sweet wine, Meg Ryan, and people who pledge their everlasting love to Starbucks. I am ambivalent about camping, Dunkin Donuts, talking about my feelings, and Julia Roberts.  I prefer understatement to overstatement.  I generally have really bad hair.

My parenting philosophy is: Do your best and it will all turn out all right in the end.  Which is my philosophy for just about everything, including cooking, marriage, writing, shoe purchases, and life.  I don’t have a philosophy about writing philosophies, but I should probably think about that.

This blog has nothing at all to do with the TV show Alias, which I have never seen although I’m sure that Jennifer Garner is a very nice woman and a fine actress.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Amelia Says:

    Brilliant, brilliant blog and entry on waiting. I am due today and am fearful that I want this child to arrive only so I don’t have to go on with the dreary experience of just waiting for something to happen. It was fine when I was busy preparing, but being done with all those chores means my life has now boiled down to twiddling my thumbs. I think I will have to come up with some chores to do just to distract me as it is all too existential.

  2. roundsalot Says:

    Surrounded by rednecks? Are you in Jacksonville!?!

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